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Mossy Oak Properties – About Our Brand


Since 1986, the strongest brand in the outdoor world has been Mossy Oak — a brand birthed via a love for the land and a fist full of dirt. Its creator, Toxey Haas, had the dream of creating a better camo pattern than the offerings of the day, and designed the first Mossy Oak pattern, Bottomland, by actually using the colors, tones, and elements found in nature. Consumers quickly identified with not only the effectiveness of the expanding array of Mossy Oak patterns-but also the Mossy Oak culture, one that centered around living your best life outdoors.

35 years after Toxey walked into a textile mill and changed the outdoor industry forever, the Mossy Oak brand has grown into a well-rounded outdoor lifestyle brand with a clear and focused mission of getting people closer to nature. While the camo business remains the cornerstone of the Mossy Oak family of brands, the emergence of the Mossy Oak Properties, Biologic, Nativ Nurseries, and Gamekeepers divisions displays the deep, genuine connection the Mossy Oak brand has with the land. After all, without the land and the resource, there is no need for camo in the first place, which is a primary reason for the total corporate commitment to Mossy Oak Properties.

As the brand enters its fifth decade as a company, its strength in turning the heads and warming the hearts of the more than 40 million outdoor consumers continues to grow, aided in part by a multi-faceted marketing strategy that generates billions of consumer impressions annually. Mossy Oak’s brand strength permeates down into all of the Mossy Oak family of brands, giving them an advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

At Mossy Oak Properties we understand your passion for the outdoors; it’s our obsession. We believe in the heart of every human being is a desire and a connection to the land that touches our souls in a way that binds us more deeply to God’s great creation. That’s what makes owning your own piece of ground so fulfilling … we get it.


In 1999, Mossy Oak’s founder Toxey Haas and his close friend Chris Hawley, a land broker by trade, decided to open the first Mossy Oak Properties office in Livingston, Alabama, the first of its kind in the land brokerage business. As a result, buyers, sellers, and brokers alike began gravitating to the fledgling company. Haas and Hawley knew they were on to something.

In September 2002, Mossy Oak Properties sold its first franchise, and the growth since then has been nothing short of phenomenal. To date, the Mossy Oak Properties network encompasses a broad range of independent land brokerage offices across the continental US and Alaska, and we are not slowing down anytime soon. We are the largest land brokerage network of our kind in the country; wherever rural and recreational land is sold, is where we will be.

The strength of the Mossy Oak brand is at the center of the success of the Mossy Oak Properties network. When potential clients see a Mossy Oak Properties ad in a magazine or a for sale sign on a property, it is the Mossy Oak icon–the most trusted in the outdoor world–that catches their eye and leads to that first contact. As our franchisees can attest, the brand alone creates a plethora of opportunities that simply would not exist if they were an independent broker.

The future is bright, and we are completely committed to creating increasing value for our network of land specialists via our national marketing campaigns, services portfolio, and emphasis on technology. Our growth will be predicated on continuing to associate with quality land specialist that share our vision and values.

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